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                               Obsolete Auto Dealer Showroom Collectibles-Promos-Toys
Clarence Young Autohobby  

It's All About the Auto Dealer Showroom of the Nostalgic Past ! Promotional & Replica Models Literature--Banners--Placards--Postcards...and More.

Online business/ no public store. 
Established 1986. Website Since 1997.
Clarence Young has Collected Auto Dealer Promotional Scale Models Since 1952.

Clarence says,
“I am always happy when the customer is too!
No other website tells you this much about what's wrong with them. I nitpick them so you don't have to.
Nobody hates a return more than I do.
I look forward to helping you personally in whatever way I can."
Auto dealer promotional scale models are the primary emphasis here; however, promotional auto sales catalogs, showroom visuals, obsolete model car kits and toy cars are also here.
One-of-a-kind items are a specialty. Current and common items are left for the mass marketers.
Autohobby sleuths out neat old automobilia and then offers it to you.
Several thousand items are in stock and 99% of them are authentic vintage items. (I will clearly label anything that is of recent production.)
There is much entertainment here for Internet Surfers if you like automobilia/car things from the past.”