​Model Car Hobby Headquarters

Hello All of My Fellow Car Modelers
This group is for all of my viewers to get together and talk about ME!
Well, really this is an easy place to post photos of your models so others can see and maybe get featured on my channel. 
Also, you can post things you would like to see me do or talk about in our great hobby of Model Car Building.
Screw Bottom Model Cars and Resto Projects
This group is dedicated to screw bottom kits , restoration and persevering the past of modeling. Kits need only to be older classic kit of yesterday or discontinued kits. Show you unrestored future project , or restored ones. No current production kits please.  

The New Modelers Club
Just SCALE models, all SCALE models, any SCALE models, and only SCALE modelers.
Greetings and WELCOME to all new members. Please feel free to peruse the site, post photos, both in-progress and completed works, at your leisure. ALL models are welcome here, be it car, truck, aircraft, ship, sci-fi. You are proud of your work, so brag it up. 

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Plastiholics Anonymous Model Car Group

This group is NO SALES Group. This Group is for people, who like to build cars, pickups and trucks, vans, and motorcycles in scale Plastic. We do not ask that you build one style or type of build, but are open to all styles and types of builds. We do like to share tips and techniques of how we do some of the simplest tasks, to the more complicated tasks. So come on in, set down and lets get to sharing and building. No Sales adds, No Rude Comments, No Profanity of any kind,and No 3rd Party Videos, Youtube channels, ect..... This Group has younger builders in it. There will be No More Warnings, You will be removed from the Group. If a member is caught posting someone else's build, claiming the build as their build, the said Member will be Removed from the group, and said person will be reported to The Good and Bad traders list,as a bad member. plus said person will be reported to Facebook officials.
No Die Cast of any kind. If you see something you need or would like to have Please use a PM to inquire about it. All Trade Dealing will be done in Personal Messages. remember No Video 3rd Party posting. Facebook Live Videos are OK. Thank you for joining in. 
Vintage Dealer Promo Model Cars

The "Vintage Dealer Promo Model Cars" is for us collectors that love Promo Cars and are proud to show them off for others to enjoy! PLEASE NO DIECASTS. There are no rules except no vulgar or derogatory language or comments. This is strictly for fun and pure enjoyment of the Hobby of collecting Promo Cars. Feel free to post your wants, items for sale, buy or trade. However if there is a conflict between members, I will have to take charge to settle any disagreements. This whole site is based on the honor system. If you want to sell something, the potential buyer should post the word "interested" and it will be honored. Payment should be made within a "reasonable" time determined by the seller. For clarification, anybody can post anything about Promo Cars anytime they want. The weekly "Show 'Em" is just a fun promotion to give everybody a chance to SEE what some people do have. In other words you don't have to follow the weekly theme at all. :)
AMT models only
Welcome to our group
To many of us modelers who have been in the hobby since the 1960's, AMT was the front runner, and many of their kits from back then are still being reissued today.

 Our group is only for AMT, MPC, SMP model, and kits that once wore the AMT name like the Lindberg 1934 Ford Pickup, and models that shared the AMT logo, as Revell and AMT did with the 1955 Autorama Model kit in the early years of our hobby, as long as there is a link to AMT are welcome.

Over the last couple years Round 2 purchased AMT and MPC, most recently they also acquired Lindberg and a few others. Even though our group is dedicated to the older AMT, MPC and SMP tooled kits, Round 2 is also repackaging models, ie: Lindberg tooled models with AMT logo, they are welcome, as long as there is an AMT logo on the box. An example the Lindberg 1961 Impala and 1953 Ford Convertible now are under the AMT Logo, but not the 1961 Impala Convertible and 1953 Hardtop, but if and when Round 2 choses to include them under the AMT logo, they are still considered Lindberg. Bottom line if the kit has AMT, MPC, or SMP logo it is welcome here.

 We want to keep the vision, that our unique group be dedicated to AMT or connected models. If we allow other manufacturers products, we will be like every other model car group out there.

Show pictures of your models (they can have parts from other manufacturers, as long as the base model is AMT / MPC / SMP, it is ok if there are non-AMT models or boxes seen in the background, as long as you are showing a AMT /MPC /SMP model or box art as your main subject.

 Pictures of resin bodied models are fine as long as an authorized model is used as the donor platform for the build, bottom line, any unauthorized post will be quietly removed.

It is fine to show pictures of real cars or models from other manufactures in a "comment" to a post as a reference. 

 Selling, buying or trading AMT/MPC/SMP models, requesting AMT/MPC/SMP parts is acceptable, between members, "AMT models only" plays no part in the transaction, just delete the post when deal is struck. 

If you are aware of an upcoming model show, or you have a flyer for an upcoming event, please post it on the "Events" page (located top left corner) it will show on main page also, but the board does move fast, and it will disappear quickly, by placing it in Events, members will be able to find it again.

 If we see that one of our members is a friend of a person gaining access, they are automatically approved. People who want to join are asked to respond to three questions concerning our hobby, we want to approve prospects who share in our group.

If you know others that would enjoy our group please invite them. 

No cussing please,

 Respect each other, remember not all members are at the same building levels.
 Inappropriate post will be removed, and disruptive members may be banished from the board. 

As always your thoughts and comments are welcome.. 

Jim Wilfong 

Factory/ Dealer Stock Plastic Scale Model Car  Builders

Factory stock model cars and trucks only !Welcome to Factory/Dealer Stock Model Builders Group. A place to share our factory stock model car and truck builds, reference info, 
video's, works in progress and how to's The rules are simple NO customs. no street machines, no pro-touring, no "tuners", no NASCAR, no "Dubs" or "DONKS" or non factory style parts, only certain dealer added accessories are allowed, such as items from Baldwin, Yenko, Nickey, etc., also, no die cast models, either. If you could not buy it from the factory, or dealer, and you didn't build it, yourself, then it's NOT legal here. There are plenty of other groups for that. If you have questions in regards to your model being legal to post here? please contact me via PM before you post? Also, no foul language whatsoever, as there may be younger viewers here, and absolutely NO selling whatsoever. You may ask for help finding or you may trade? But please keep all transactions and sales private. This is Not a Buy and sell group! (Absolutely No badgering, belittlement or degrading comments toward others or there builds you will be deleted permanently without warning!) Think before you type. Think about how others may interpret your comments? I ask that you all PLEASE police yourselves be respectful and most importantly? Have fun while you are here, for it is because this place is for all of you Thank you all for being a part of it.. Best regards, Jonathon Griffith 😃

This is a Group for Model Car Aftermarket Companies to promote their products to the Model Car Community.  Business's, Post away!  

You may have seen posts that have been eliminated, this is due to them going against what we are trying to achieve here. We have kids, wives and other adults on this page looking for valid information. NO Diecast please, there are other pages for diecast, we are builders here.  

We have little tolerance for "Drama," after all I have two ex-wives. . . . . . and a huge sense of humor.  

First time posting is removed, second time aggressor is removed permanently. There is no appeal. You have officially entered a "No Drama Zone," None will be tolerated. 

We also host the "Model Car HOW-TO's, NNL EAST Facebook Friends and Model Car EVENTS" Pages, now easily searchable pages for extensive quick information.  

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Terry Jessee's Resin Car Kits & Parts Review
Welcome to Resin Car Kits & Parts Review. For years I reviewed resin kits and parts for several different model magazines. I decided that I'd continue that here so I can spread the word on parts, kits, building tips, and product review. A lot of times, people are leery about spending a lot of money on a resin kit or part because they're not sure about quality. So I'm going to explore and let you know what I find.
Please feel free to add your own comments. I'd appreciate refraining from slamming people. If you have a concern, describe it, but no flaming. And let's keep it clean. I prefer that.
This is not about buying and selling, so please refrain from that. It's just me and others passing on good information. Passing on information about websites is acceptable, but no ads. Thanks.